How to Use This Site

This Website contains information about the safety, testing and regulation of cosmetics and personal care products and the ingredients they contain. Safety information is contained in a database of more than 2,000 ingredients, with new ingredient safety information frequently being added. This ingredient safety information is for the most commonly used ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products, and has been reviewed by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) Expert Panel, an independent body of scientific experts who assess the safety of cosmetic ingredients.While more than 4,000 ingredients are used in cosmetics and personal care products today, the ingredients found in this site represent approximately 90% of the ingredients used in products on the market today. Our aim is to eventually include safety information on all ingredients in use.

Safety Basics

How products are regulated and assessed for safety is a complex, scientific process. In this section you can learn about

  • How companies determine a product is safe
  • The Industry Consumer Commitment Code
  • The Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) Expert Panel
What's In My Products

Information about specific product types can be found in this section, along with a list of commonly found ingredients in each category that link to relevant safety information. Information about the components of product labels is also found here.

Regulation & Oversight

Visitors to this section will learn about U.S. laws that regulate the industry, strong oversight by the FDA, and information about how the industry is regulated around the globe.  There is also information about the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel that assesses the safety of individual ingredients and other tools that provide industry standards.      

Find an Ingredient

By typing in an ingredient name, you can get specific information on what the ingredient is, how it is used in cosmetics and personal care products, and specific safety testing information along with references to independent scientific and regulatory studies on the safety of these ingredients.