Shaving Soap

Shaving Products

Shaving products are used to assist in the removal of unwanted body hair, to ease shaving by women and men, and include products such as shaving soaps and creams as well as pre- and after shaving lotions.

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Shaving Soaps are products intended to be used by both women and men for an effective shave. These products are usually in the form of cakes or sticks that produce a lather when rubbed on the skin. Shaving Soaps typically contain glycerine, which helps water remain on the skin, thereby softening the hair on the surface of the skin. The safety of Shaving Soaps is established by selection of ingredients that are safe and suitable for this purpose. In addition, Shaving Soaps are assessed for their potential to cause skin or eye irritation or cause allergic reactions. Product safety is also established through strict adherence to the principles of Quality Assurance and Good Manufacturing Practices. This includes testing the compatibility of the product with packaging as well as shelf-life stability. Finally, the safety of products is monitored in the market-place to track any reports of consumer injury. Companies include a phone number on their products where comments or complaints may be reported.

Common Ingredients: