Sunscreen Frequently Asked Questions

Sunscreen Basics

How do sunscreens work?

What does "broad spectrum" mean?

What is SPF?

Sunscreen Usage

How should consumers properly apply sunscreen?

Sunscreen Ingredients

What are some common ingredients in sunscreen?

Sunscreen Effectiveness

How are sunscreens labeled and tested?

Sunscreen Safety

How are sunscreens regulated?

What types of changes or updates does the TFM propose?

Should I stop using sunscreen while these ingredients are being tested?

Sunscreen and Children

Is sunscreen safe for babies and kids?

How do I pick a sunscreen for my children?

Can my children use sunscreen while at school?

Sunscreen and the Environment

Are sunscreens causing coral reef decline?

Do sunscreen ingredients like oxybenzone cause damage to native coral reef?

Are the sunscreens I use on the beach ending up in the environment?

Would sunscreen bans protect the coral reefs?